Performance Management

Performance Management Michigan

Infusing expertise and insightful guidance into practice optimization.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management Michigan

Complete management of the revenue cycle from appointment to payment.

Cloud-Based Platform

Cloud-Based Platform Michigan

Transparent, enterprise-class platform connecting the practice to the healthcare ecosystem.

Running an insights-based practice

What if there was a partner out there that made its practice out of knowing your practice?

At gloStream, we specialize in working with independent practices so you can focus on what you do best – care for your patients. Our special combination of a cloud-based platform, revenue cycle management and performance management services are the core of our partnership.

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"We chose gloStream because at the end of the day it was the most doctor-friendly EHR system that I'd seen."

Ronald Sue, M.D.
Century City Primary Care

"With gloCare, I was seeing a full patient load the day after we got it. The product really has eased and streamlined my life."

Dan Tomlinson, M.D.
Medford Women's Clinic

"gloStream is an EHR company enjoying success and popularity due in part to their integration of Microsoft Office as their solution's documentation engine, making it at once familiar and intuitive for clinical end users."

Bill Crounse, M.D.
Senior Director of Worldwide Health, Microsoft

“We went live with gloCare on a Monday and four days later we were already up to our full patient load. gloStream's electronic medical record software is so intuitive and easy to use. It's simply phenomenal.”

Amanda Wood, R.T.(R)(M)(BS)
Practice Manager
Center for Women’s Health

"gloCare from gloStream is so flexible that the software could easily adapt to the changing workflows that we put into place to comply with Meaningful Use criteria. We also found gloStream's Meaningful Use dashboard to be a tremendously valuable resource. Thanks to this tool the CMS attestation process was easy and we received our Stimulus incentive funding quickly."

Steven Bauer, M.D.

“It’s clear to us that gloStream’s product development team really thought through the natural progression of the patient visit. With gloStream's EHR we’ve been able to streamline processes within our office and that’s led to a level of productivity and efficiency we just didn’t have before we began working with gloStream.”

Dominick Roto, M.D.
Riverview Medical Associates

“Since we instituted gloCare, not only has it made our office run more efficiently, it has saved me time. Every day that I am in the office I am leaving on time instead of an hour or more after the last patient like I used to without our EHR. This is a savings that can't easily translate into money, but is huge.”

Edward Lis, Jr., D.O.
Michigan Center for Orthopedic Surgery

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