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Dr. Cox Looks Past Hype and Price, and Finds gloStream To Be the Very Best EMR and Practice Management Partner

Client: John A. Cox, M.D., P.C. Lawton, Oklahoma
Specialties: Pulmonology, Sleep Medicine
Solutions/Services: gloSuite, gloCierge


  • Inefficient paper-based processes
  • Needed to get a handle on outstanding accounts receivable
  • Delayed claims processing


  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Reduction in outstanding claims leading to more revenue coming into the practice
  • Faster claims processing

As one of the only pulmonologists in the southwest corner of Oklahoma, Dr. John Cox runs a busy medical practice. He treats patients with a range of respiratory disorders, and also is a sleep disorder specialist.

Looking to increase productivity at the practice and maximize revenue, he’d considered an electronic medical record service for some time, but once Meaningful Use incentives became available, he knew he had to move forward. “Electronic medical record technology wasn’t new to me, and I’d considered it,” says Dr. Cox.“But once the government decided to incentivize doctors with funding, an EMR became much more attractive.”

Dr. Cox reviewed a variety of systems and met with many different salespeople. However, gloStream was the only company that offered a combined, Microsoft Office-based EMR and practice management system and personalized services. Since Dr. Cox required a service that would be familiar, easy to learn and use, and backed by great service and support, gloStream quickly separated itself from the other systems he was evaluating, and gloSuite became his top choice.

“Based on the research I’d done, I knew that one of the keys to success was choosing a flexible and easy-to-use system from a company that offered services that would be tailored to my practice,” adds Dr. Cox.“With gloStream that’s exactly what I got. My staff loves the system because the dashboards are so clear, it’s easy to send patient information to referring physicians, and creating reports or sending tasks is simple. In addition, it was all backed by a 15-Day Money Back Success Guarantee, which gave me the security I needed to move forward.”

Using gloSuite, and gloStream’s Meaningful Use dashboard, Dr. Cox and his staff were able to track how they were performing against all Meaningful Use criteria and, thanks to the help they received from the gloStream team, found the attestation process quick and easy. A short time after attesting they received the funding they were counting on.

Taking It To the Next Level with gloCierge

While Dr. Cox and his staff were finding significant benefits from their system, they also wanted to make sure they were billing with the right codes, improving collections, and maximizing revenue. The practice therefore signed on with gloStream for gloCierge, a one-of-a-kind, personalized service which offers EMR and practice management productivity analysis, support call trend analysis, revenue cycle analysis, and a regulatory standards review.

After a thorough review of Dr. Cox’s billing opperations, the gloStream team was able to uncover that his accounts receivable were higher than industry norms, as was the speed at which claims were being processed.

“Thanks to gloStream’s help, we’ve been able decrease the amount of accounts receivable over 120 days by more than 83%, which means we have more money coming into the practice,” says Pam Cox, Dr. Cox’s biller.“We’re also now able to process charges more quickly, and we’ve learned a lot about coding. As a whole, gloStream is helping us with tools and expertise to improve our practice’s financial health and position us for long term success.The gloCierge service has been great; it’s literally like having a personal concierge and it’s helped take the pressure off.”

As a gloCierge client, Pam meets regularly with her gloCierge team to review a scorecard that details payment processing status, claims processing status, statement processing activity, and accounts receivable. In addition, Pam has the opportunity to ask questions about the use of her EMR and practice management technology and get the help she needs.

“Our initial onsite training was outstanding,” says Pam.“But I needed some personalized attention on the billing side and that’s exactly what gloStream has provided. Today, I have a clear view into how I need to bill per carrier, and what we should be collecting from patients at the time of their visit. In addition, gloStream frequently comes up with product enhancements that benefit our practice.”

For Dr. Cox’s practice, gloSuite and gloCierge as well as gloStream’s team of professionals have made a significant positive impact on the practice. Today, the staff is more productive and efficient, cash flow has improved, and the practice is maximizing revenue, too.

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